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STARKILLER SOUND was born in 2003 under monicker "Inner Void". With this monicker the band released the demotape: "SCAR" through the Temple of Noise recording studios.
This occasion led them to meet Christian Ice, who, after guesting as a vocalist for the demo, joined the band as a formal member.
Hard research through different possible sonorities took the new formation to a fresh sound and release of two singles "Earth" and "Deeper Underground" (Jamiroquai cover), that are free to download, pointing to be listened, appreciated and shared as much as possible.
Infact, the policy of the band is to allow free download of songs, videos and related media, sharing their work with their fans, getting them ready to blow up venues with big shows around the world, while the big monster of CD market is slowly dying.

The actual formation of the band is:

ICE - Lead vocals
LUCA - Keyboards, Vocals
THOMAS - Guitar
MASSI - Guitar
B-RAY - Bass
NYK - Drums

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