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Genere preferito:Death Metal
Data di nascita:14 maggio 2005
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The idea to make living, in a musical project, a murder in which the executions can be interpreted as spiritual and at the same time as material, goes up to 2002, but because of many problems, the realization of the first demo was been possible only in 2004. “Stillness’ Blade” is a concept on a series of murders, in which the victims represent the baseness that belong to human mankind, and they are integrating part of their murderer, who will descend into his deepest abyss, finding his ills and executing them. At the end of executions “Soulblighter” will be free from human imperfection that his victims personified. His thoughts, before and after the murder, are the songs’ lyrics. In each song there’s an introduction supported by sonorous effects, in this introduction it can be heard how the murder happens. In each execution a different weapon is used, the choice of each weapon has a precise meaning. Every little detail has a precise meaning: the steps, the victims, the place where the executions happen. The sonorous effects are combined with the riffs. This project will be developed in a precise number of parts, and it will end with executor’s suicide. The project "Stillness'Blade" began as one-man band by idea of Max Schito.The first demo,"SoulBlighter pt.1", went out to the end of November 2004 and it was positively welcomed by the specialized press and by the webzines. In May 2005 "Stillness'Blade" becomes a real band, with the voice and guitar of Max Schito,the bass and backing vocals of Gian Paolo Marsano (ex-HeatenDom as Max Schito) and the drums of Antonio Donadeo (drums on ex-Undertakers, Necrotorture,Traitor,Exhumer,VITAL REMAINS). The debut cd "The First Dark Chapter (Misanthropic Elevation)" has been recorded between October and November 2005 in Maglie (le) Italy. While waiting the official realized of the album, the promo version of three songs came out: Soulbrighter, which has taken very good responses by webzines from all the world and the national specialized press. Many concerts in Italy, like the Salento Summer Festival 2007 with Soulfly, and others as opener for big Italian bands. On August 2006 the drummer Antonio Donadeo has been take as the new Vital Remains touring drummer, which he makes tours through US and Europe. On November 2007 the debut album “The first dark chapter (Misanthropic elevation)” came out for the Canadian label Obskure Sombre Records. The cd including nine songs, a bonus track, and two video clips recorded on February 2007. Actually the band is making new songs, which they will take part of the next album, and making concerts through Italy to promove the album just came out.

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