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Data di nascita:01 novembre 2009
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HELL THEATER was born in October 2009 from the insane idea of VICTOR (Vocals) and Susy Porcedda (manager). The idea consists on mixing pure heavy/thrash metal with theatrical horror themes . They immediately hired the two guitarists BRIAN and ROSS and DOVY as the drummer . After some line change ups, the band was finally ready to start composing their first songs with DIEGO C. at the drums and DIEGO A. at the bass guitar. Unfortunately after some months the band decided to go ahead without ROSS due to their musical differences. We will start touring within the next months…
...Starting November 2010 ALEX joined HELL THEATER playing bass instead of DIEGO A. and starting from December 2010, after testing a lot of guitarist needed to complete the band. The new axe is BOB AXX. Now the band is ready to spread horror on all stages!!!

Born on January the 10th 1977 in Treviso. Influenced by the most dark and heavy metal music, in 1994 he started his adventure as a singer with “SOUL INSANE”. After playing with some meanless bands he joined “DARK SILENCE” but without success. Shortly after, he met GIGY JACKSON and together they established “RENTS TO KILL” but unfortunately even this band broke up. VICTOR immediately managed to find another band called “OBSCURE STEEL” where he played several gigs and was able to record an album. After two and a half years he decided that it was the right time to start “HELL THEATER”. A new band which contains all his musical influences
Favourite Bands: Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, King Diamond, Ronnie James Dio, Mercyful fate, Judas Priest, iron Maiden, Black Sabbath,
Music style: pure heavy, thrash, black and death metal.
Equipment: shure beta 58 mic with cable; shure beta 58 mic whitout cable; lexicon MX 200 dual reverh effects processor; dbx 286 a mic preamp.

Born August the 8th 1980 in Yellowknife Canada. After growing up listening to his brother putting on AC/DC and Judas priest all day, at the age of 15 he decided to buy his first guitar and never stopped rockin’. After playing many kinds of music styles with several local bands, his new goal is to compose a mixture of the best of his favourite inspirations and go out to kick some ass!
Equipment: Gibson flying V / Charvel Fusion, Mesa Dual Rectifier
Favourite Bands Metallica, Megadeth, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Slayer, Mercyful fate and many more….

Born in Ischia on August 13th, 1979. He started playing drums at 14. Some years later he joined “VENICE MIST” and collaborated with “CLAUDIO SIMONETTI” and “WINE SPIRIT”.
Favourite Bands: Iron Maiden & Motorhead
Music style: Heavy / Thrash metal
Equipment: pearl drum

Born in Treviso on January 26th 1975. He started as guitarist with MORTE VIOLENTA and after with OBSCURE STEEL.Then take the road of the bassist with KITSUNETSUKI.
Music style: thrash, doom, heavy metal, industial, punk /77
Favourite bands:old Iron Maiden, old Metallica, Nuclear Assault, Overkill,Slayer, Black Sabbath, Nine Inch Nails, Slipknot, Motorhead.
Equipment:Epiphone blackbird Nikki Sixx Signature bass; Fender Jazzbass USA-2000 bass; Ibanez SR700-AM bass; Gallien Krueger 1001RB-II 700W; Gallien Krueger 410RBH 800W; Subwoofer Gallien Krueger 115 RBH 400W

Born July the 31st 1884 in Xanthe Mars. Since he was an egg he was fashinated from bloody sounds that steel may cause to humans. After leaving his tortures studies he decided to use the same experience in the use of steel strings of electric guitars. He played in several bands many rock styles: progressive, punk, hard rock, heavy metal, always using his knowledge to do som
ething new and unusual in everyone. He likes high volume, high energy and attracted by everything has to do with fire and sex.
Equipment: Ibanez Custom U.S.A. "Necromancer's Castle" / Customized Ibanez Prestige RG2120, Roland/Boss/TC-Helicon electronics, Mesa Dual Rectifier
Favourite Bands: Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Metallica, Helloween, Pink Floyd, Ronnie James Dio and many others...

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