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The TURMA project was born in Naples in the October 2007 from the meeting among Enzo Turitto (voice), Lello Di Lorenzo (guitar) and Lino Arzillo (drums).
Later Alex De Cicco (guitar) and Enzo Manfregola (bass) will join them. The Band, aware of the difficulties that assail who wants to offer alternative kind of music rather than that of the italian scene, since the early days, starts to work proposing a suond that draw on the own 80' thrash metal roots, represented by the two oversea's schools (Bay Area and New York), trying to put on particular connotations influenced also by their birthplace: Naples.
What it's pulled out is a energic and compact thrash metal sound enriched by interesting evolutions in the wall of sound which the songs are carved in.
In July 2010, drummer Lino Arzillo leaves the band, and Filippo Ranieri substitute him. Now available their first ALBUM " Tearless


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