Attività:dal 2007

Line up

  • Francesco Chiazzese: vocals
  • Gianfranco Attardo: guitars
  • Giulio Di Gregorio: guitars
  • Fabio Accardo: bass
  • Vincenzo Viola: drums
Lothüs is an Italian heavy-rock metal band formed in Palermo in 2007. Its members are already known in the European discographical scene: Francesco Chiazzese (vocal) have been playing the guitar in Trinakrius since 1994, Giulio Di Gregorio has been the singer of Irencros (2000-2004) and later Thy Majestie (2005), Gianfranco Attardo (guitar) has been founder and member of Irencros (1998-2004); Fabio Accardo (bass) and Vincenzo Viola (drum) complete the band. Lothüs was born because of the wish of its members to create a powerful and effective sound, created from the fusion of the 70’s rock together with modern and aggressive sounds. The result of the band’s first two years of activity is the full length “Lothüs” consisting of 8 unreleased tracks and a bonus track. “Lothüs” has been recorded and mixed at Alex Argento’s “Hangar 18 Studios” (Palermo - 2009) and than mastered at Simone Mularoni’s “Fear Studio” (Ravenna – Italy) in the same year. The bonus track is Rock and Roll from “Led Zeppelin IV” (Atlantic - 1971) and it is a special Lothüs’ tribute to Led Zeppelin. Exceptionally, this song has been singed by Giulio Di Gregorio. Between 2007 and 2010, Lothüs got on stage lots of times obtaining lots of applauses thanks to their forceful and fascinating performances as well as the long live experience of its members. Today, Lothüs are working on new songs and looking for a label.


Copertina 6,5
Promo 2010 (2010)  Demo



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