Attività:dal 2008

Line up

  • Joceir Bertoni: vocals, guitars
  • Ricardo Fanucchi: bass
  • Luciano Neves: drums
  • Henrique Loureiro: keyboards
Two or three decades ago, the difficulty of getting good tools and equipment was an aggravating factor for new musicians and bands. Just a few had structure and resources to meet the demands of the music business of that time, only a few groups stood out.
Today, however, we live the opposite situation. In the digital age, the facilities are numerous for a musician record, distribute and promote your music. Consequently, the number of musicians and bands increased in such proportion that the difficulty now is to stand out among many works.
But regardless of time and market, will persevere only those who make music for the love of art, those whose works are synonymous of talent, truth and will.
Joceir Bertoni (vocal/guitar), Ricardo Fanucchi (bass), Luciano Neves (drums) and Henrique Loureiro (keyboards), collectively known as IMAGERY, fits in this case.
IMAGERY can be considered a new project of some experienced Brazilian musicians.The band was formed in 2008, but the musicians have a long and experienced career within the Brazilian rock/metal scene.
The vocalist/guitarrist Joceir Bertoni and the bass player Ricardo Fanucchi are playing together for 10 years. Both were part of the famous Brazilian band G.A.F., which they recorded two CDs and played many important shows. Together they also founded Revoult, band that got a very good response from Brazilian press with its self-titled album released in 2007. They also played very important festivals such as “Demo Sul” in Londrina/PR and “Grito Rock” in Cuiabá/MT. Indeed, it was during Revoult days that the duo intensified its interest for the progressive music, forming the embryo of what would be IMAGERY.
Adding talent to this project, is the keyboardist Henrique Loureiro. Young of age, but veteran of the instrument, Henrique is a pianist from the classical school, son of music professors from the Londrina’s State University. Professional musician, he also plays on Beatles For Sale.
Behind the drum kit we have Luciano Neves, experienced drums professor, specialized in the heavy sound beats.
IMAGERY’s proposal is to unite the single experience of each musician when developing of a technical sound, but heavy, with references in different musical styles such as jazz, classical, Brazilian instrumental music, progressive rock and heavy metal. Among the quartet’s influences are names like Beatles, Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, Rush, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Gentle Giant, Jethro Tull, Kansas, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, Dream Theater, Chick Corea, Hermeto Pascoal, Frederick Chopin, Hiromi Uehara, Franz Liszt and Bela Bartok.
Conceptually, the name IMAGERY reflects the band's quest for a musical image with identity and an introspective questioning in terms of lyrics.
The band has already played at some popular clubs from the Brazilian south region and also did a successful tour with the legendary progressive rock Brazilian band Apocalypse. The “Prog Union Tour” happened in 2009 and visited four cities, highlighting the show at the “12º Ourinhos Motofest”, the biggest motorcycles fest in Brazil.
The first IMAGERY recording is the virtual self-titled demo, Imagery. Recorded between October and November 2009 at PLayRecPause Studio in Londrina/PR and produced by Júlio Anizelli, the demo brings two tracks: the instrumental “Fourth Secret” (which video on Youtube is success of views) and the title track “Imagery”. The demo was launched at the band’s Myspace page, and it’s available for free download, including complete artwork.
At the same time IMAGERY promotes its demo, the band is working on the pre-production of its debut album. Still with no title defined, the album will bring the two tracks from the demo and also other tunes the band have been playing alive and brand new compositions.
IMAGERY’s debut album is expected to reach the stores in early 2011. This will be an album that will prove that talent, will, sincerity and, above all, love of art, are the only needed ingredients to win in the music.


Copertina SV
Imagery (Autoprodotto / 2010)  Demo



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