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Line up

  • Darren Grant: vocals, guitars
  • Santi Rigolizio: guitars, backing vocals
  • Lee Golledge: drums, backing vocals
  • Ben White: bass, backing vocals
The Eruption story began in 2003 when a young Italian guitarist, Santi, moved to Brisbane (Australia) to learn English and to try to break in the rock scene over there. However, he soon realized that it wasn’t so simple because the scene in Australia was more grunge, punk and Rap. that wasn’t much rock at all.
That though, didn’t stop Santi from trying to form a band so he put a few ads on the local newspapers looking for people to play with him. One day, he received a call from a guy called Darren who was interested in meeting him. Darren was a great singer and he was working with cover bands all around the Brisbane area. However, he was tired of playing only covers. The drummer was Dave, Santi’s cousin who was born in Brisbane.
So they got together and started jamming on a few Guns’n Roses, AC/DC and Van Halen songs. It was clear straightaway that the guys together could really play. After that jam, Santi and Darren started getting together regularly twice a week to write songs. That was between the end of November and the beginning of December. In January the 4th piece of the band was added: the bass player Glenn who was friend with Darren and loved hard rock and heavy metal. They decided to call the band Mobstar. At the end of January they had the first gig. They ended up playing four originals and two covers. The reaction by the crowd was amazing so the guys decided to hit the studio and record a demo. Mobstar keep playing live a lot and was getting a lot of fans who were turning up at the gigs regularly. Once the demo was finished, the guys sent the cds around to have an impression from people. Everyone was so impressed of how good the demo was. The songs were real rock songs. Kick in the ass rock & roll. In august, the guys decided to record the rest of the songs. Mobstar was still playing live a lot. They ended up supporting Jeff Scott Soto (Yngwie Malmsteen, Journey), Edguy from germany and the biggets Australian metal band Dungeon. Towards the end of the year, Glenn left the band to join the band Dungeon who needed a bass player. Glenn substitute Doe, was an amazing bass player, very similar to Billy Sheehan. When the album was finished, the guys started sending copies around looking for a contract. They had a few offers from Germany and Japan but they felt they weren’t right. At the beginning of 2006, drummer Dave was replaced by Dom. After 2 full years though, it was clear that the band had to move somewhere else because the scene in Australia wasn’t so good. Santi and Darren then decided to move in England. Between August and October, they were living in Maidstone, kent. Things though were getting harder because the guys couldn’t find people who were serious enough to play with them. But they didn’t give up so they found a drummer and a bass player. Darren and Santi also decided to rename the band Daz Rigo.They had the first gig at the gun in Croydon. More offers arrived for the guys from England, Germany and Usa but yet, they weren’t good offers. After a few months, both the bass player and the drummer left the band. They were replaced by Lee on the drums and Steve on the Bass. Steve soon decided to leave and was replaced by Nick. The band was now sounding really good. They were playing their originals and covers by Van Halen, Guns ‘n Roses, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Queen, Kiss and more. Then one day Santi received a call from a guy called Khalil who was representing Escape Music. He was interested in signing the band. The name of the band was changed from Daz Rigo to Eruption.
They signed the deal and the first album has been released.


Copertina 6
All Screwed Up (Escape Music / 2009) 



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