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I SOEN, la band dell'ex-batterista di AMON AMARTH e OPETH Martin Lopez, pubblicheranno il loro quinto album "Imperial" il prossimo 29 gennaio 2021 su etichetta Silver Lining Music.

Il disco è anticipato dal singolo "Antagonist", il cui lyric video diretto da Zev Deans è disponibile di seguito.
In my life, I try to be as real as possible, but I think that the music, and nature, of SOEN are the only place that I really, really feel I can be myself. When you're home, doing music, writing lyrics, that is where you really get to express yourself without any judgement and with total freedom.
L'opera è stata prodotta da Iñaki Marconi e dalla band e mixata e masterizzata da Kane Churko.
It has obviously been a crazy, terrible thing for everyone, and for us as a band it has been really frustrating not being able to play shows, but also it has given us a clear window of opportunity to realize this album completely. We were able to spend 12 hours a day for many months bringing 'Imperial' to the place we truly wanted, mainly working on the groove and flow of the album.

We will always be a band that has the old will to fight for freedom and all the important things in life, the people, the underdog. You have to take on the big question marks such as what the fuck are we doing with our lives and where's the empathy. Why do we keep on testing and crushing ourselves as a species?
Ecco la tracklist del disco:

01. Lumerian
02. Deceiver
03. Monarch
04. Illusion
05. Antagonist
06. Modesty
07. Dissident
08. Fortune

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