THE UNGUIDED, a ottobre il nuovo album "Father Shadow"


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Gli svedesi THE UNGUIDED pubblicheranno il loro nuovo album "Father Shadow" il prossimo 9 ottobre su etichetta Napalm Records.

Primo estratto dall'album è il brano "Crown Prince Syndrome", il cui videoclip è disponibile nel player di seguito.
Richard Sjunnesson ha scritto precedentemente:

The instrumental basics to 'Crown Prince Syndrome' was written already around 2018 but it was not until pre-production late 2019 when the words and the chorus melody came to place we recognized how undeniably catchy this tune was. Possibly our best chorus to date! It was fun to include some industrial elements in the electronic section and also that tasty riff stacking with some rock-vibe going on throughout the song which is a bit different from our previous work. The music video from legendary Patric Ullaeus show the band in a gritty outdoor environment to underline the industrial feel and you might just get a cameo from someone you know in it.
L'opera è la prima release della band con la nuova formazione, ora così composta:

Richard Sjunnesson - Vocals
Jonathan Thorpenberg - Vocals / Guitars
Roger Sjunnesson - Guitars
Richard Schill - Drums

Ecco la tracklist di "Father Shadow":

"Childhood’s End"
"Never Yield"
"War Of Oceans"
"Where Love Comes To Die"
"Crown Prince Syndrome"
"Fate’s Hand"
"Stand Alone Complex"
"Lance Of Longinus"
"Gaia" feat. Erik Engstrand
"Jailbreak" (Bonus Track / Sonic Syndicate Cover)
"Denied" (Bonus Track / Sonic Syndicate Cover)
"Jack Of Diamonds" (Bonus Track / Sonic Syndicate Cover)
We started to work on the follow up to And the Battle Royale by the end of 2018 after the tour was done. I think that particular album was a lot about figuring out the band’s new identity and writing together after boarding a new member and undeniably it was well received. Father Shadow is all about taking that experience, refining the process and push it to the next level. We have grown together solidly as a band and I think it shows a lot on this album. The songwriters in the band all comes from different schools and write a bit differently musically, on this album everyone got equal airtime just to pump the diversity without losing the feel of the band. Lyrically it pushes the story and concept forward and finally ties up some ends that have been loose since Fragile Immortality (2014), something I think the hardcore fans will appreciate. It was also fun to go back and revisit those old Sonic Syndicate tracks for the bonus material and I think we managed to do our own thing to honor the songs with a mint 2020 production. Utterly we created the songs and album we’d love to listen to ourselves and we succeeded with that and hope you’ll like it as much as we do!

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