VIVALDI METAL PROJECT, al via il crowd-funding per il nuovo album


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Dear friend,

Vivaldi Metal Project’s crowd-funding campaign page for the NEW ALBUM is officially live at

I invite you to join us as we begin the creation of our NEW All-Star album, which will feature a larger cast of world-class musicians than ever before!

Throughout the campaign we will give you the opportunity to meet many of our artists, as we post weekly sneak-peek videos and exclusive previews from the making of our new album!

As with our previous album, this new album will showcase many incredible instrumentalists, vocalists, choirs, and orchestras from all across the globe. We are so excited to share this musical journey with you, and we want to thank you for your continued support; it truly means everything!

Starting today, you can help make this shared dream a reality. Visit to choose your perk, and to help support the creation of our next album.

You can choose from the many perks available, and will receive a gift of your choosing for your generous contribution. Let’s this new, exciting adventure begin!

Thank You!
Mistheria & Vivaldi Metal Project team

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