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I LIV SIN dell'ex-cantante dei SISTER SIN Liv Jagrell pubblicheranno il nuovo album "Burning Sermons" il prossimo 6 settembre su etichetta Despotz Records.

Il disco è stato prodotto da Emil Nödtveidt presso i Black Syndicate Studio.
We wanted to explore a more modern sound with some synthesizers on this album. I think that this album might surprise a lot of our fans. I have known Emil for many years, so it was really fun to reconnect. The first moment he sent us his ideas of our demos, I was delirious.
For the first album, LIV SIN was only Patrick, Liv and Per. Now we have spent two years together as a complete band of five on the road and in the studio. Along with more songwriters, the band has evolved into having a lot more attitude and catchy melodies.
Il disco vanta la partecipazione di Björn "Speed" Strid sul brano "Hope Begins To Fade", che sarà il prossimo singolo.
For a heavy bombastic song like 'Hope Begins To Fade' that features orchestral elements, we wanted to find a cool contrasting voice to Liv, and Björn's name came up when we were discussing guests for the album with our label. His deep growls and marvelous clear voice were the ultimate combination to lift this song to the next level and it fit seamlessly with Liv's tone. His impressive skills from actually both SOILWORK and THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA shines through here, which added that extra punch to the song. It was the perfect match!
Ecco la tracklist dell'opera:

01. Blood Moon Fever
02. Chapter Of The Witch
03. Hope Begins To Fade
04. War Antidote
05. At The Gates Of The Abyss
06. Slave To The Machine
07. The Sinner
08. Death Gives Life Meaning
09. Ghost In The Dark
10. Dead Wind Intermezzo

I LIV SIN sono:
Liv Jagrell - Vocals
Patrick Ankermark - Guitars
Chris Bertzell - Guitars
Tomie Winther - Bass
Per Bjevoluk - Drums

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