ARDOURS, nuovo progetto per la cantante dei TRISTANIA Mariangela Demurtas


Pubblicata il:16 aprile 2019
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L'etichetta Frontiers Music Srl ha messo sotto contratto gli ARDOURS, un nuovo progetto alternative gothic metal guidato dalla cantante dei TRISTANIA Mariangela Demurtas accompagnata dal produttore Kris Laurent.

La band è nata nel 2015 ma solo ora è pronta a pubblicare l'album di debutto "Last Place On Earth", in arrivo entro la fine dell'anno.
When I joined TRISTANIA the band had already a strong identity and so I had to fit with their style, but also had to bring something new and fresh to the sound, and I think we worked that out very well. I am very proud of the two albums we released together.

TRISTANIA is more of an introspective and articulated sound in comparison to ARDOURS.

I feel very grateful and thankful to the band for what I have learned throughout these years. But, on the other hand, I needed to do something different, something where I could be the main singer, where I could sing the words with passion and with the warmth of my voice.

ARDOURS has more rock and '80s influences compared to TRISTANIA, including a bit of new wave sound which is something that me and Kris love.

When I chose to be part of this project, I knew I wanted to sound very expressive without being technical so that I could give a more nostalgic sound to the words. This is the way I saw ARDOURS sounding and I cannot wait for people to hear it!

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