HELLYEAH, il videoclip di "333"


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Ecco a voi il videoclip di "333", nuovo singolo degli HELLYEAH tratto dal loro ultimo album in uscita in estate su etichetta Eleven Seven Music Group.
Vinnie originally came up with the idea for '333' A lot of people may think Vinnie was just a drummer, but he was much more than just a badass, slamming, smashing drummer. He understood production and composition and he was very much a contributor to the writing process. This song was his baby; it belonged to and came from him. Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to actually write the lyrics, it was after Vinnie had passed. The lyrics embrace and recognize the feelings that most metal fans have. Being treated like outcasts and being judged for the way we look or dress. It's a reminder to all the metal fans that no matter what, you will always have a place in our worldwide metal community. With that said... Welcome to the family! We're all the root of half-evil-reppin' 333!

I love '333' and what it represents - being half evil. It was a part of Dime [Darrell Abbott] and Vinnie before HELLYEAH was formed and very much became a part of HELLYEAH as we carried the torch for Dimebag. They were both so accepting of me and many others, and they taught us to treat people with respect, dignity and humility.

Il disco è l'ultimo registrato con il batterista Vinnie Paul, deceduto lo scorso mese di giugno 2018.
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