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L'etichetta Mighty Music ha messo sotto contratto i norvegesi BLOOD RED THRONE e ne pubblicherà il nuovo album "Fit To Kill" nel corso della prossima primavera.
Daniel "Død" Olaisen ha scritto precedentemente:

2018 was a quiet year for us. Now, we start 2019 by joining forces with our Scandinavian friends in Mighty Music record label that will release our ninth album, 'Fit To Kill', this spring. We have several live shows comin' up and we're ready as fuck to take back the 'Throne.'
Fernando Reis della Mighty Music ha scritto precedentemente:

We've been following BLOOD RED THRONE as fans since their 'Monument Of Death' debut album in 2001, and have always been fans of their crunchy, technically pinched, full-on death metal. They've been carrying the [death metal] flame in Scandinavia throughout all the black metal several waves. When the opportunity came to work with them, there was no room for second thoughts.
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