MICHAEL MONROE, in primavera il nuovo album "One Man Gang"


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L'ex-cantante degli HANOI ROCKS Michael Monroe pubblicherà il suo nuovo album solista "One Man Gang" nel corso della prossima primavera.

Il disco è al momento in fase di mastering e vede la partecipazione dell'ex-chitarrista degli HANOI ROCKS Nasty Suicide e di Captain Sensible dei THE DAMNED.
It's one of the songs, and we decided that since the band is called MICHAEL MONROE - the name of the band is MICHAEL MONROE; the name of a person - so 'One Man Gang'; it's a whole gang of me.

If I had a choice of playing with anybody - alive or dead - in the world, I would choose these guys; that's how important they are to me. Everybody is allowed to write. Steve Conte exceptional, totally outstanding material. And Rich Jones now came through amazingly on this record. I swear, I had, like, five or six songs of my own, and I was, like, 'Okay, that's out. I'm taking Rich's, because his are better. Forget about my songs.'

See, the best songs make the album; it doesn't matter who writes. Everybody has the freedom to write, and we choose the best songs for the album; it doesn't matter who writes them, as long as they're the best ones. The whole album, as an entirety, has to be as strong as possible. All killers, no fillers. I never let it go out if it's not perfectly… There can't be one weak track on the record. I'd rather wait and have it be perfect. Actually, we recorded 18 songs, so there's a couple of great ones that we left out too. They'll be on the next album. They're too good for bonus tracks; we'll save 'em for the next album. There's a few obvious bonus tracks - three or four, or whatever.
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