BILLYBIO, a fine novembre l'album di debutto "Feed The Fire" del progetto solista di BILLY GRAZIADEI


Pubblicata il:10 ottobre 2018
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Il chitarrista dei BIOHAZARD Billy Graziadei è ormai pronto a pubblicare l'album di debutto del suo progetto solista BILLYBIO.

Il disco si intitolerà "Feed The Fire" e sarà pubblicato il prossimo 30 novembre su etichetta AFM Records, anticipato dal singolo "Freedoms Never Free" in arrivo nel corso del mese di ottobre.
I've always wanted to do a solo release and the timing of everything that I have been working on just seemed to fall in place.
I always let the creative juices flow, I don't try and restrict them to fit a certain genre.
With BILLYBIO, it's 100% me. No influence from anyone else. This is who I am and what I've become. I'm a product of everyone I've met, talked with, shared my stories with… and a bit of their stories as well.
Anyone who's a fan of what I've done, especially with BIOHAZARD, will love this! There's something there for every fan of heavy underground music!
I'm psyched to release my new music this fall as BILLYBIO. Launching the band in Europe on tour with my family in LIFE OF AGONY couldn't get any better!
L'opera è stata prodotta da Tue Madsen e di seguito ne trovate il trailer:

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