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Pubblicata il:10 settembre 2018
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In una recente intervista, il leader degli EVERGREY Tom S. Englund ha confermato che il nuovo album della band si intitolerà "The Atlantic" e sarà pubblicato il prossimo 25 gennaio su etichetta AFM Records.
We just finished recording and then some asshole broke in and stole a bunch of important stuff. We had a bit of a setback, so we're trying to figure that out still. It's going to be okay in the end, of course.

I think we're constantly progressing as musicians and songwriters. We don't feel that we have any boundaries. The boundaries are getting stretched more and more for every album that we do. I think it's awesome that we kind of have taken advantage of that and, of course, we always write what we feel like writing or are inspired by. On this album, we've stepped it up an extra notch, I think.

That's the cool thing about being in EVERGREY as well. We don't have those boundaries. We can pretty much write whatever we want, whenever we want. That's the nice thing. We don't have this formula. Maybe that's also hindering us in a way, but, we prefer to do that and write whatever we want.
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