WITHIN THE RUINS, pubblicate due nuove canzoni


Pubblicata il:30 luglio 2018
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I WITHIN THE RUINS hanno pubblicato a sorpresa un singolo in formato digitale intitolato "World Undone".

Si tratta della prima pubblicazione con il nuovo cantante Steve Tinnon, composta dalla title-track (ascoltabile di seguito) e dal brano "Resurgence".
Il chitarrista Joe Cocchi ha scritto precedentemente:

These songs were both written over the course of a big transition period for this band. They have a unique vibe. Nonetheless, we're more than thrilled to have Steve step up and take over on vocals. It couldn't be a better fit for us. We've known Steve for years through touring and it feels right to have his voice, personality, and creativity as a part of our bands future now.
Steve Tinnon ha scritto precedentemente:

I wrote these songs as a pair. I wanted them to go together. 'World Undone' is about feeling like you've lost everything and your world has come crumbling down. You've been mentally and physically defeated, and no one around you even cares. Everyone goes through dark times where they just feel lost and don't know what to do. 'Resurgence' is the follow-up to that scenario. It's about making your way out of those difficult situations and coming out on the other side as a stronger person than before.

Life can be a constant struggle, and I think that's very relatable to a lot of people. But I want these songs to serve as a reminder that no matter how bad things seem, you need to keep pushing and keep fighting. Things can get better. Don't give up.
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