RICHIE KOTZEN, il videoclip di "Riot"


Pubblicata il:06 giugno 2018
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Nel player YouTube di seguito potete guardare il nuovo videoclip di Richie Kotzen, realizzato per la canzone "Riot".
La clip è stata girata a Los Angeles da Vicente Cordero e vi partecipano il bassista Dylan Wilson e il batterista Mike Bennett.

I'm very excited to share another new song with you all!

We made a music video to go with the song and really wanted to focus on the performance of the band more than a storyline.

One of the things I love about this track is the interplay between the guitar, bass, and drums. Although I wrote the musical lines we are playing, my goal was to somehow capture the live energy of my band on the final recording.

Dylan, Mike, and I have been touring together for seven years and there are some live recordings out there, but we never spent much time together in the studio recording. I feel like this new recording is a great example of all three of us playing at the top of our potential.

I hope you enjoy the new song and the new video!
Il singolo sarà pubblicato in formato digitale il prossimo 7 giugno.
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