KHÔRADA, nuova band con ex-membri di AGALLOCH e GIANT SQUID


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Dall'unione di ex-membri di AGALLOCH e GIANT SQUID sono nati i KHÔRADA, nuova band pronta a debuttare nel mercato discografico con l'album "Salt" il prossimo 20 luglio su etichetta Prophecy Productions.

Il gruppo è così composto:
Don Anderson (guitar)
Jason Walton (bass)
Aesop Dekker (drums)
Aaron John Gregory (vocals)

Il disco è anticipato dal singolo “Ossify”, ascoltabile nel player di seguito.
Aaron Gregory ha scritto precedentemente:

Ossify’ was the last song we wrote for SALT, with the sole purpose in mind of it being the big closer on the record. By premiering this track first, we may be giving away the ending of the movie. But, we'd rather think of it as a flash forward - leaving the listener to ponder all that came before it - especially considering the strange yet fitting ‘futuristic’ vibe of the song, thanks in large part to the contribution of lush keyboards by Andrew Southard from Giant Squid. Lyrically ‘Ossify’ explores what I imagine may transpire after all the often dystopian themes told throughout SALT.
Don Anderson ha scritto precedentemente:

SALT is what a collection of musicians, each with over 20 years of experience, sound like when they start over from zero. All the music on this album was composed immediately following the conclusion of both Agalloch and Giant Squid. For all of us, this is what rebuilding, reorganizing, and reimagining sounds like.
Ecco la tracklist dell'opera:

Seasons Of Salt
Water Rights
Glacial Gold
Wave State

Notizia segnalata da Matteo ‘Teone’ Comi

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