Wildhunt, firma con Metal On Metal Records; ad aprile l'album d'esordio, "Descending"


Pubblicata il:17 marzo 2016
Fonte:comunicato stampa
La Metal on Metal Records ha annunciato la frima di un contratto con la band Austriaca di technical thrash metal, Wildhunt
Il loro debut full-length è intitolato "Descending" ed uscira' il 29 April.
La band ha postato su YouTube channel i trailer dell' album

Di seguito il comunicato della label:
"We are always on the hunt for young talented bands (and when we come across one that really stands out from the crowd, they have our full attention), but in this case WILDHUNT were the hunters, as it was the band who got in touch with us a couple of months ago, sending us their debut full-length. These thrashers from Austria started out in 2011, but their music and sound harkens back to the late '80s/early '90s when some technical thrash gems were released in Germany and Switzerland... to the point that if we hadn't known what album it is and somebody played it for us, we would have thought it actually IS from that era! We can hear many influences from bands like DEATHROW, DESPAIR, CORONER or GRINDER, but they have managed to create their individual sound and give their music a unique feel. These guys have impressive technical skills, but what's even more important, their songwriting is very strong, too."

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