Atlantis Chronicles, muore a 27 anni l'ex bassista


Pubblicata il:12 agosto 2014
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Come da comunicato uscito questa mattina sulla loro pagina di Facebook ufficiale, gli Atlantis Chronicles hanno annunciato la triste morte dell'ex bassista Mikael Rumèbe, scomparso a 27 anni per un cancro.

"Two weeks ago, we learned that Mikael, our former bass player, was diagnosed with cancer. Only a few days afterwards, the disease took him away from those who loved him. We are heartbroken and our thoughts are with his family and his fiancée.
Since our teens, our friendship had been cemented by the band, and was inscribed in Silent Depths (2007), Against the Sea (2009), Ten Miles Underwater (2013). None of this can ever be erased. Our heads are full of so many memories today, our laughs, our arguments, but always to the tune of fraternity and of our common passion. We'll only keep the best. Your stay on earth did not only leave traces with us, and it's something you can be proud of.
Rest in peace, friend, we love you and we'll never forget you.
January 28th, 1987 - August 9th, 2014"
Notizia segnalata da Andrea Gandy Perlini

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