Mercenary, il videoclip di "Welcome The Sickness"


Pubblicata il:13 maggio 2014
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I danesi MERCENARY hanno pubblicato il videoclip di "Welcome The Sickness", realizzato grazie ad una raccolta fondi e diretto da Mircea Gabriel Eftemie.
We're immensely proud to be able to present our new video for 'Welcome The Sickness'. It's been a great and fun experience making this possible through a crowdfunding campaign and interacting with the fans in a whole new way. We are very grateful for the support, as we would never have been able to finance a visit in Denmark's biggest greenscreen studio with professional lights and makeup followed by two months of post production on our own. Moreover, we are really really happy with the striking, atmospheric, and visually dramatic way in which director Mircea Eftemie made our musical universe come to life. Without an incredible amount of hard work on his behalf, this video wouldn't have been possible either, so please send a lot of kudos his way.
Il brano è tratto dall'album "Through Our Darkest Days".

Notizia segnalata da Matteo ‘Teone’ Comi

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