Amplifier, nuovo album su etichetta Superball Music


Pubblicata il:04 aprile 2014
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L'etichetta Superball Music ha messo sotto contratto gli inglesi AMPLIFIER e ne pubblicherà il quinto album "Mystoria" entro la fine dell'anno.

La band è da poco entrata nei gallesi Rockfield Studios per registrare il disco
Sel Balamir ha scritto precedentemente:

We are delighted to be teaming up with Superball. There is a manifest difference between Superball and all the other labels we have worked with - music and art is about creative thought and is like a kind of game to us. The guys at Superball share this vibe - something that the music industry often forgets.

We really can't wait to get stuck into the new Amplifier record and see where we travel with our new friends. Hopefully it will be a long journey and we'll have lots of adventures along the way.
Thomas Waber ha scritto precedentemente:

We have been talking to Amplifier for a long time about working together and were always of the opinion, that one day the time would come. After listening to the new demos, I knew immediately that the time had definitely arrived! Suffice to say, that everyone at Superball is extremely excited right now and we made the guys in the band an offer they could not refuse!
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