Nasty Idols, morto il cantante


Pubblicata il:08 dicembre 2013
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Il cantante degli svedesi NASTY IDOLS Andy Pierce (Anders Persson) è deceduto lo scorso 5 dicembre a causa di una emorragia celebrale a casa della sua compagna, in Danimarca. Aveva 45 anni.
Peter Espinoza ha scritto precedentemente:

We, the band members, have been talking a lot and it is a shock. It goes up and down. One second you're not thinking about it, and then the next second, it hits you like a bomb. It's terribly sad.

Andy was a very funny human being. We were always having minor quibbles at gig time. My hair is falling off, it happens to most people sooner or later, and he always said, 'It's cool that you're going bald, but wouldn't it be cooler with a baseball cap?' We were always giving each other friendly jabs like that. He was a truly wonderful and funny person.
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