Tristania, Axewound e While She Sleeps nella colonna sonora di "Tick Tock Trick"


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"Tick Tock Trick" è un film horror/thriller realizzato dalla inglese Deleted Scenes Ltd..

Ecco la colonna sonora dell'opera:

TRISTANIA - Opus Relinque
AXEWOUND - Post Apocalyptic Eyes
WHILE SHE SLEEPS - Dead Behind The Eyes
ARCANA - Autumnal Within
LOSTALONE - Paradox On Earth
BAD POWERS - Bread And Butter
ORPHEUM - Memento Vivere
Selik Manor draws in a group with a love of the gothic world. The visitors desire for history, ghosts and magic is excited inside. The themed hosts charm the guests in the haunted setting with words and tricks. Zuri is secretly psychic and becomes aware of a dark unseen presence.

They must all make their choice when to leave as time ticks by.
Notizia segnalata da Matteo ‘Teone’ Comi

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