Savn, nuova band per la cantante dei Midnattsol


Pubblicata il:18 luglio 2013
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La cantante dei MIDNATTSOL Carmen Elise Espenaes ha pubblicato un aggiornamento su Facebook in cui annuncia il suo nuovo progetto, i SAVN.
Many of you have asked me how I am and what I'm doing after some months of silence...

Here is the answer: beside my 10.month old daughter and Midnattsol, I have been busy with a new project called SAVN. Together with two other Norwegian mates - Stig Johansen and Anders Thue from THE SINS OF THY BELOVED - I have written songs for our debut album whose recording process has just started at Mastersound Entertainment. Soon I am off to Germany to record the vocals, can't believe this is finally happening!!

Of course, this will not affect or change my role in Midnattsol. I am looking forward to meet them again soon in Stuttgart. I will update you and come with more info continuously!

Wish you all a fantastic summer time, hugs to you all and thanx for your patience and great support!
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