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Microsoft 70-532 is an essential requirement to get a certification and become a specialist in developing Microsoft Azure solutions. Passing this exam requiresnot only effort, dedication, and a clear ambition but also the best study resources you can get. There are many forums that allow you to learn from them. They include online training courses and practice test sessions. This article is focused on the steps you need to take to pass your PrepAway Download and become certified.

Introduction to Microsoft 70-532 Exam

This certification test is one of the hardest exams with a myriad of tough questions. They can be taken in French, German, Spanish, English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese.It requires that you remember a lot of information that is related to Virtual Machines, storage strategy, networking, and etc. The successful candidates really deserve to get the credential from Microsoft. The associated certifications are MCSA, MCSE, MCSD, and MCP.

Targeted Audience

The criteria to enter the exam require you to be a developer. The most beneficial aspect of it will be if you have an experience as a .NET developer. This will help you understand the various concepts and aid you in acquiring the tools and techniques to pass Microsoft 70-532 with a high score.

Skills Measured

According to the Microsoft exam objectives available on the website, the skills that are checked in the 70-532 testto achieve the certification are described in the following way:
• Managing Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines (20-25%)
• Running Identity, Application, and Network Services (10-15%)
• Implementing and Designing a Storage and Data Strategy (25-30%)
• Designing and Implementing Azure Compute and Web Services (35-40%)
The percentages mentioned above define the amount ofquestions dedicated to a particular topic.

Preparation Options for Microsoft 70-532 Exam

If you are going to obtain the Microsoft certification, the 70-532 exam will not be easy. First you need useful resources and books. Therefore, we have a list of study materials, which you can use during your preparation for the test. The study resources and training courses with a piece of advice on how to pass the 70-532 exam are as follows:

1. Video Tutorials

Video tutorials and training courses are the best solutions for all your exam-related problems. They can teach you a good range of content in less time. There are many IT experts who can teach you the topics in a rather interesting way to easily understand the exam content. They have experience and knowledge to equip you with all the necessary skills.

2. Study Guides

Since any Microsoft certification requires you to cover a whole variety of topics, the company offers many official books for you to choose as a study guide. The most recommended one is “Exam Ref 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions, 1st edition”. The best feature of this manual is its excellent way of describing intricate and complex topics. Although this book is a must-have for your preparation, you should also diversify your study material and not just focus entirely on one guide. Some of the other books you can explore are the following:

• Microsoft Azure Essentials: Fundamentals. It is a free eBook provided by the Microsoft Press and the Microsoft Virtual Academy. This guide is written by M. Collier and R.Shahan. It is targeted at developers. It will explain the unique features and capabilities of the Microsoft Azure platform.

• Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure. It coversAvailability, DevOps, Storage, and many more interesting contents that are explained thoroughly in this book. It is written by Scott Guthrie and Mark Simms. This is a free eBook provided by the Microsoft Press.The topics that are covered also include the architectural framework and coding techniques of Microsoft Azure.

3. Practice Tests

Practice tests are the best way to enhance further your knowledge by putting it to test. This will help you in improving your shortcomings and guide you through the exam scenario. PrepAway is a platform that allows you to easily access its practice tests with reasonable prices, which guarantee success in your 70-532 exam. This is because the questions are sorted by the team of professionals with an adequate experience. They will help you in achieving your certification.

Final Hacks for Microsoft 70-532 Exam

We have compiled some specific and targeted tips. If you follow them, they will be helpful to you.

• When studying, try to cover each exam objective already given by Microsoft. It is necessary since the exam content is based on the objectives, which will be tested.

• Do not focus on only one resource, but try to get more by learning from different platforms and books. If you have complete command and information over a certain topic, only then can you be able to answer without any faults.

• You can explore an ocean of knowledge by reading books. Therefore, try to learn as much as you can and understand it completely.

• The best way to learn is to write the important stuff down or make flashcards, which when you pick at a later time will help you in revising the information.

• First set a target for your study plan and then try to work for it. As soon as you find your pace, then make goals that you must have achieved by the end of the day/week.

• You will be asked a variety of questions from simple to tricky ones. It must also contain case studies, which will measure your knowledge. Therefore, try to cover that while preparing.

• Register for your exam in advance to avoid any mishaps by the end. Try your best and do not be afraid of failure.


The Microsoft 70-532 exam is now retired. However, the tips mentioned above are useful in preparation for any Microsoft certification test. The harder you try, the better your chances are in succeeding.
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