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Gli STARBREAKER di Tony Harnell (ex-TNT) e Magnus Karlsson (PRIMAL FEAR) pubblicheranno il loro nuovo album "Dysphoria" il prossimo 25 gennaio 2019 su etichetta Frontiers Music Srl con la seguente tracklist:

01. “Pure Evil”
02. “Wild Butterflies”
03. “Last December”
04. “How Many More Goodbyes”
05. “Beautiful One”
06. “Dysphoria”
07. “My Heart Belongs To You”
08. “Fire Away”
09. “Bright Star Blind Me”
10. “Starbreaker”
...title is simply a reflection of a state of mind and I thought it fit the lyrical theme of the songs. If I tried to summarize the lyrical theme of the album I would say it's beautifully sad, but infinitely hopeful. Life is always my biggest inspiration. It was an easy album to write lyrically for that reason. There was no writer's block and the themes are probably pretty obvious. I don't like to paint too clear a picture for the listener, it's best to let the words speak to them without guidance
'Pure Evil' is the heaviest the album gets and not indicative of the album as a whole, although there are some metal overtones throughout.
Nel player di seguito potete ascoltare il singolo "Pure Evil":

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