SICK OF IT ALL, ascolta la nuova "Wake the Sleeping Dragon"


Pubblicata il:19 ottobre 2018
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Il nuovo album dei SICK OF IT ALL si intitolerà "Wake the Sleeping Dragon" e sarà pubblicato il prossimo 2 novembre su etichetta Century Media Records con la seguente tracklist:

01. Inner Vision
02. That Crazy White Boy Shit
03. The Snake (Break Free)
04. Bull’s Anthem
05. Robert Moses Was a Racist
06. Self Important Shithead
07. To the Wolves
08. Always with Us
09. Wake the Sleeping Dragon
10. 2+2
11. Beef Between Vegans
12. Hardcore Horseshoe
13. Mental Furlough
14. Deep State
15. Bad Hombres
16. Work the System
17. The New Slavery

Ecco a voi lo streaming della title-track, a cui hanno collaborato Tim McIlrath dei RISE AGAINST e Chuck Ragan degli HOT WATER MUSIC.

"Wake The Sleeping Dragon!", the title track of our new album, is a hard-driving song about big brother encroaching on our lives and recognizing the reality that we the people have the power to stop it through unity. So take your head out of your ass and smarten up.

We are very excited for all of you to hear this new album as we feel it's our best work to date.
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