STONE SOUR, album solista per il batterista ROY MAYORGA


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Il batterista degli STONE SOUR Roy Mayorga ha confermato in una recente intervista la volontà di registrare un album solista quando la band entrerà in pausa nel 2019.
I don't know if a lot of people out there know what I do other than play drums, but I also compose a lot of music for indie films and commercials and stuff like that, on the down time. I use a lot of hardware modular synthesizers. So the material on the record that I'm gonna be working on is gonna be mostly just drums and modular synthesizers. No format of verse-chorus-verse-chorus; it's gonna be pretty experimental and improvisational. I'm hoping to do a nice 16 minutes a side of a record - kind of the old-school style. The way you would hear a TANGERINE DREAM record or a Jean-Michel Jarre record - those old electronic records from the '70s. But it's not gonna sound like that; it's gonna be more in that format.

There are amazing possibilities with this instrument; you can do a lot with it. You can sequence it; you can just come up with some insane sounds and soundscapes wih it.

I really love the sound of synthesizers; it's made a huge impact on me when I first discovered them hearing the soundtrack to, say, 'The Shining', Wendy Carlos did the opening theme to that; I'm sure everyone's aware of that song. And after that, that pretty much opened the floodgate to all electronic music to me. I soon discovered KRAFTWERK, then Jean-Michel Jarre, TANGERINE DREAM... I mean, the list goes on. There were so many artists at that time that were using synthesizers, and I just love that sound. And learning to play drums at that time, I kind of learned both growing up and wanted to marry those two forever as just those two. Now that I have the chance to do that, I'm definitely gonna do that now once I have the break.
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