VOIVOD, il nuovo album "The Wake" a fine settembre


Pubblicata il:11 giugno 2018
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Il nuovo album dei canadesi VOIVOD si intitolerà "The Wake" e sarà pubblicato alla fine di settembre su etichetta Century Media Records.
Michel "Away" Langevin ha scritto precedentemente:

We are thrilled to let you know that our new album, 'The Wake', is completed! The music is like a futuristic prog thrash metal trek with many twists and turns, and the story involves the usual Voivodian topics: disasters, chaos, conflicts, strange plots and alternate consciousness. We are excited with the result and can't wait to get the material out to you this fall! Also, try to catch us when we tour Europe in September and October. It will be a great opportunity for the band to test some songs from our upcoming album.
Notizia segnalata da Matteo ‘Teone’ Comi

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