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I DRESS THE DEAD dell'ex-chitarrista dei FORBIDDEN Craig Locicero hanno annunciato l'ingresso in formazione della cantante Kayla Dixon (WITCH MOUNTAIN), in sostituzione di Peter Dolving (THE HAUNTED).

La band è completata da Mark Hernandez, James Walker e Dan Delay.
It has been a long and bumpy road getting to this point for a lot of reasons. The main thing is finding the right fit after losing Peter Dolving so unexpectedly. That took us by surprise, to say the least.

After many months of listening to submissions and not feeling we had the proper replacement, Kayla literally dropped out of the sky with a random text to me on October 9th. She basically said she was turned on to DRESS THE DEAD through a mutual friend and loved our song '1969'. She wanted an audition.

The first song we are releasing is called 'There Goes The Sun'. Produced by Robb Flynn and recorded by Zack Ohren at Sharkbite Studios. It seemed appropriate as our first selection because it shows how massively diverse Kayla is. This girl can hit ALL the gears, intensity, emotion, guttural, melodic and every register. Kayla simply has it all and 'There Goes The Sun' shows it

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