Nachtmystium, firmano per la Prophecy Productions


Pubblicata il:12 settembre 2017
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I NACHTMYSTIUM hanno firmato un nuovo contratto discografico con l'etichetta Prophecy Productions, che ne pubblicherà il nuovo EP "Resilient".

Il disco è stato registrato presso i Belle City Sound con Chris Djuric e in altri studi in Norvegia, Germania e California, e sarà pubblicato a inizio 2018.
Blake Judd ha scritto precedentemente:

NACHTMYSTIUM is extremely honored to be working with Prophecy Productions. It is a true pleasure for me to have been able to develop a personal relationship with the Prophecy label staff in Southern California. We are able to meet face-to-face regularly and work together at creating the best possible environment for NACHTMYSTIUM to begin to rebuild its way back into the metal community after some very dark years and times that I have spent the majority of the last two years cleaning up the debris from. With past misdoings being corrected, new bridges built (and some old bridges rebuilt), and a few exclusive 2017 live performances under our belts, we feel as though the band has taken massive strides forward in recovering from its damaged state after my seven-year run with severe heroin addiction. Those dark days are now behind me, the band and all whose lives we effect in one way or another. Onward and upward is the attitude and goal here, as NACHTMYSTIUM's ascension returns to its past form. Expect to hear a lot of new music and news from our camp in 2018.

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