U.D.O. e Dirkschneider, Kasperi Heikkinen lascia entrambe le band


Pubblicata il:17 febbraio 2017
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Il chitarrista finnico Kasperi Heikkinen ha deciso di lasciare sia gli U.D.O. che i DIRKSCHNEIDER, le due band guidate dall'ex-cantante degli ACCEPT Udo Dirkschneider, per motivi personali.
There is no bad blood or drama in this departure. The band and especially Udo wanna thank Kasperi for his great support and many fantastic shows on this planet. All the best, Kasperi!
Kasperi Heikkinen ha scritto precedentemente:

I want to thank everyone, especially the fans, for these great four years I was in the band. I also wish all the best for the band with their future endeavors. From now on, I will focus on my other music projects and some different outlets of creativity. You will surely hear from me again when the time is right. Stay metal and tsönk all the way!

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